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Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Research Group (TARG)


Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Research Group (TARG)

Chair: Dr Biljana van Rijn, TSTA (psychotherapy)

            Dr Joel Vos, PhD, Cpsychol




TA is a theory and practice developed by Eric Berne in the 1950s, employed in   psychotherapy and counselling, as well as organisational and educational contexts. Over the years, Transactional Analysis has evolved into different approaches to practice (also known as ‘schools’). At Metanoia Institute we practice a Relational approach to Transactional Analysis developed by Hargaden and Sills (2002) which focuses on both conscious and unconscious relational dynamics within the therapeutic process, whilst appreciating and teaching the whole range of TA approaches to practice.

The aim of our research group is to develop research into Transactional Analysis psychotherapy, examining theory, practice and clinical outcomes.

  •   The primary aim of the TARG is to contribute to the body of research evidence of its effectiveness in clinical practice.  To this end, we aim to develop current and previous research within MI to build experimental research projects, with research partners from our European (EATA) and international communities (ITAA).

Currently, routine outcomes evaluation (ROE) within the research clinic (MCPS) focuses on outcomes within a naturalistic practice setting. Smaller projects using ROE have been conducted within primary care settings in the UK, as well as a comparative research project with clinical environments in Spain. The aim of the research group is to build on this and develop evaluative research in TA psychotherapy

  •   As well as developing research-based evidence of effectiveness, TARG aims to develop and build theory and practice of Transactional Analysis, and in different practice settings. This aim is to different methodologies and we envisage the use of theory building case studies and other qualitative and mixed method approaches.

The group is open to researchers who are interested in developing projects in these areas.


Current projects:

  •       Reviewing and validating the scientific foundations of Transactional Analysis practice and research. This project aims to review and validate the scientific foundations of any types of TA practices and research. This research is intended to act as a step and a resource towards developing further evaluative research in Transactional Analysis (Vos, van Rijn, Chryssafidou, Fowlie)
  •       The Impact of Therapists’ Script and its Emergence in Supervision

The aim of this theory building research is to develop understanding of the process of supervision in the psychotherapy field through exploration and development of the Comparative Script System theory as a supervision tool. The research questions will explore the use of the theory in clinical supervision (Is it used? How is it used?), and its role in developing the therapist’s treatment range. The research will also explore the repetition of these unconscious patterns over time, and their assimilation process (Stiles, 1999) ( Sills, van Rijn, Pearce, Stiles).



Recent research output:

Vos, J., & van Rijn, B. (2021). A Systematic Review of Psychometric Transactional Analysis Instruments. Transactional Analysis Journal, 1-33. https://doi.org/10.1080/03621537.2021.1904360              

Vos, J., & van Rijn, B. (2021). The Transactional Analysis Review Survey: An Investigation Into Self-Reported Practices and Philosophies of Psychotherapists. Transactional Analysis Journal, 1-16. https://doi.org/10.1080/03621537.2021.1904355            

Vos, J., & van Rijn, B. (2021). The Evidence-Based Conceptual Model of Transactional Analysis: A Focused Review of the Research Literature. Transactional Analysis Journal, 1-42. https://doi.org/10.1080/03621537.2021.1904364   

Van Rijn, B., & Wild, C. (2016). Development and evaluation of adherence questionnaires for gestalt psychotherapy, relational transactional analysis, and integrative psychotherapy: A preliminary investigation. International Journal of Psychotherapy, 20(1), 7-18.  ISSN 1469-8498

Van Rijn, B., & Wild, C. (2016). Comparison of transactional analysis group and individual psychotherapy in the treatment of depression and anxiety: routine outcomes evaluation in community clinics. Transactional Analysis Journal, 46(1), 63-74. doi: 10.1177/0362153715615115

Van Rijn, B., & Wild, C. (2016). Development and evaluation of adherence questionnaires for gestalt psychotherapy, relational transactional analysis, and integrative psychotherapy: A preliminary investigation. International Journal of Psychotherapy, 20(1), 7-18. ISSN 1469-8498

van Rijn, B., Wild, C., & Dumitru, A. (2014). Challenges to developing routine outcomes evaluation in different practice settings and cultures: A naturalistic enquiry in spain and the UK. International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research, 5(2), 28-34. Retrieved from http://www.ijtar.org/article/view/13800/9077

Van Rijn, B., & Wild, C. (2013,Autumn). Evaluation of Transactional Analysis psychotherapy groups in primary care within an IAPT site Transactional Analyst, 3(4).

Van Rijn, B. ,& Wild,C. (2013). Humanistic and integrative therapies for anxiety and depression. Practice based evaluation of Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Integrative psychotherapies and Person Centred counselling. Transactional      Analysis Journal, 1543(2),150-163.

Van Rijn, B., Wild, C., Moran, P. (2011) Evaluating the outcomes of Transactional Analysis and integrative counselling psychology within UK primary care settings, International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research,2/2, 34-44

Recent Conference papers:

2018               Winter School of Transactional Analysis, Balkan association of Transactional Analysis with EATA.

                        ‘Transactional Analysis and psychotherapy research. Research directions and key questions’, keynote

2016               SPR 47th Annual International meeting, Jerusalem,Israel

(van Rijn, B., Wild, C.) Evaluation of Transactional Analysis psychotherapy in the treatment of depression, anxiety and clinical levels of general distress. Routine Outcomes Evaluation within a community clinic

Panel: The Effectiveness of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy for Depression and Anxiety: Findings from Practice-Based Research

2015               European Transactional Analysis Research and Development Conference

Van Rijn, B. (2015). How do we demonstrate the effectiveness of TA psychotherapy practice in research. Exploration of an adherence questionnaire in Relational Transactional Analysis. Paper presented at the EATA Conference 2015.1st EATA Development and Research Conference, Rome,Italy. www.cleup.it

2015               UKCP Research Conference,London

Comparison of Transactional Analysis Group and Individual Psychotherapies in the treatment of Depression and Anxiety. Outcomes in community clinics


European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA) https://www.eatanews.org/


Recent grants:

2012: European association of Transactional Analysis,16,872 euro

2012: Sutton and Merton Psychological Services,£2500

2009: London Borough of Ealing Mental Health Trust £20 000

Research group participants:

Dr Biljana van Rijn   http://www.metanoia.ac.uk/about/our-staff/faculty-3-research-strategy-innovation/dr-biljana-van-rijn/

Dr Joel Vos, PhD, Cpsychol. http://www.metanoia.ac.uk/about/our-staff/faculty-3-research-strategy-innovation/joel-vos/ ; www.joelvos.com

Heather Fowley, TSTA http://www.metanoia.ac.uk/about/our-staff/faculty-1-psychotherapy-counselling/heather-fowlie/