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Call for research participants noticeboard

The Institute welcomes submissions from Metanoia Institute students to submit notices to advertise research projects.

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, with a précis of 500 words of your research project.

All notices will require ethical approval (relevant paperwork must be supplied) and all postings shall be at our discretion. Posting of these does not imply any endorsement of the research project by the Institute.

Each call for participants will be different to suit your research question, methodology and ethical considerations. 

Would you like to see your research opportunity advertised here?

Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Our latest submissions:

Person-Centred Experiential Counselling for Depression: the counsellor’s experience.

I am conducting a phenomenological study of the counsellor’s experience of Person-Centred Experiential Counselling for Depression (PCE-CFD). I would like to learn about the counsellor’s current experience of PCE-CFD.

The findings might be useful to counsellors contemplating training in this therapy in the future and might highlight ways in which the counsellor’s experience could be improved. The study is open to counsellors who are trained in PCE-CFD and involves one interview about their experience of PCE-CFD. The interview will last for about 60 minutes.

Click here for more information.


An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Siblings Bereaved by Sudden Death in Adolescence

I am currently in Year Seven of the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology Course (DCPsych) at Metanoia Institute.

I am looking to recruit young adult participants (18-25) who have lost a sibling to sudden death (accident, homicide or suicide).

Participants need to meet specific criteria:

(1) two years has elapsed since their loss;

(2) participants are at least 18 but up to 25 (but were 12-19 at the time of their loss);

(3) have had previous counselling or therapy such as psychotherapy following their siblings death and

(4) are not considered to be a vulnerable adult.

Click here for more information.



Lesbian Identity Formation within a Life History of Sexual Violence

My name is Jan Grainger, and I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist and doctoral researcher at the Metanoia Institute. I am recruiting for participants to take part in a study that aims to provide understanding of how lesbian women reflect upon their lesbian identity in the context of sexual violence being part of their life history. The aims of this research are to give voice to this under-represented group and to inform the clinical thinking of counsellors and psychotherapists working with this demographic.


How do you feel about working with trauma? 


I am researching attitudes, preconceptions, fears, and confidences of trainee and newly-qualified therapists who do not consider themselves trauma specialists to working with trauma. This may support me in targeting training and development programmes that can integrate trauma-informed ways of working into general psychotherapeutic practice. I plan to integrate my research findings with my own therapeutic approach in continuing to develop services and create training programmes, as well as contributing to the literature around the topic.


Have you worked with clients from a different social class?

I am a 5th year MSc student and practitioner of Person-Centred Psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute. I am looking for volunteers to participate in my research dissertation (which has been approved by the Metanoia Institute Research Ethics Committee).

This research aims to understand Person-Centred therapist/counsellors’ experiences when working with clients from a different social class, as perceived and defined by the therapist/counsellor. There is very little literature available on the topic. This study aims to contribute to filling that gap and help practitioners develop their class-sensitive practice.


Seeking experienced, phenomenologically-oriented supervisors for research exploring the self of the psychotherapist.

My PhD research is exploring how psychotherapists experience their self appearing in their therapeutic work. The first phase of the research involved interviewing 12 experienced psychotherapists. These interviews have been analysed and emerging findings suggest both a process and a phenomenon through which the self of the therapist appears.

The second phase of the project will explore how these finding may be significant in the supervision space. For this part, I am seeking experienced, phenomenologically-oriented supervisors to participate in a dialogical discussion group. One four-hour discussion group will be held online. The criteria for participation include: 1) Minimum of 10 years experience as a supervisor 2) Are phenomenologically-oriented (through either research or modality) 3) Identify as practicing under humanistically-informed principles 4) Are not previously known to the researcher



This qualitative research study aims to explore the lived experience of person-centred psychotherapists who practise in their non-native language. It attempts to improve and deepen the person-centred understanding of what it means for psychotherapists to develop a therapeutic relationship with clients while speaking their non-native language. Three to four open-ended interviews will be conducted in person with experienced person-centred psychotherapists who have been working for at least 5 years in their non-native language. Interested respondents will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire in order to recruit a group of interviewees as diverse as possible in terms of gender and ethnicity. This study will have the potential support tutors and supervisors to better understand the experience of plurilingual trainees and psychotherapists.




Call for Participants -  SURVEY RESEARCH PROJECT. Religion and Spirituality in therapy: exploring how trainee and newly qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, who identify as religious or spiritual, experience undertaking therapeutic training in the UK.

The aim of this survey research is to explore how trainee and newly qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, who identify as religious or spiritual, experience undertaking therapeutic training in the UK. 






Claire Spiller is a Trainer, Clinical Supervisor and UKCP accredited Gestalt Psychotherapist, with particular interest in Gestalt as a clinical phenomenology, practitioner research and the relationship between research, practice and inclusivity, for the development and sustainability of clinical Gestalt contemporary practice.   

She is a 3rd year Doctoral Student at the Metanoia Institute in London, researching:

On Being-in-the-digital world: The Practice of Gestalt Psychotherapy online 

This international research study will inquire into Gestalt therapists' experiences of clinical work in the online environment, and is being explored in three stages involving focus groups, a survey questionnaire including open questions for free text comments and online interviews with Gestalt therapists.  An overview of the research was presented at the UKCP International Research Conference in June 2022.

Click link above for more info about the study and to register with Claire.




Mixed Methods Research – Online Survey

Those with an interest in qualitative and qualitative research methods are invited to take part in a short online survey which seeks to explore current levels of knowledge about Mixed Methods Research as well as views about combining both qualitative and quantitative research methods. There is also an opportunity within the survey to complete the innovative approach of ‘story completion’. The survey is short and has only 10 questions.





The long road back to self. An exploration of the lived experience of a survivor's journey of recovery, after being in a relationship with a partner who displays psychopathic traits

Little is understood about the specific relational harm that results from being in a relationship with a person/partner who displays psychopathic traits (PDPT's). The main traits include superficial charm, lying and deceit, lack of conscience or remorse and self-serving manipulation and/or control. 

I seek 8, English speaking participants, who have been out of a relationship with a person displaying psychopathic traits (PDPT) for a minimum of 1 year and who consider themselves to have recovered from the aftermath symptoms. They will be over the age of 25, and demonstrate a reflexive, sense-making capacity regarding their own journey of recovery.




What Therapy Experiences are Like for Ethnic Minority Clients Who Work/ed with Therapists From a Different Ethnic Minority Background to Themselves

Psychological therapies are an important part of a comprehensive mental health care system, but it appears ethnic minority individuals are less likely to access therapy, more likely to have negative experiences, drop out prematurely, and have poorer outcomes compared to the ethnic majority population. 

Research indicates some ethnic minority clients’ therapy experiences are impacted by their therapist’s ethnic background (both positive and negative experiences), but majority of these studies have looked at ethnic majority therapists (White therapists) and ethnically matched therapists only. Unfortunately, there are no studies that specifically explore what therapy is like for ethnic minority clients who work with therapists from different ethnic minority backgrounds to themselves.

I am looking for people who meet all of the following criteria :who identify as an ethnic minority individual, be qualified as a BACP/UKCP/BPS accredited therapist or currently training on a BACP, UKCP or BPS accredited course and have past or current experience working with a therapist from a different ethnic background to themselves.


What is the British South Asian therapist experience of power dynamics when working with white clients in a white majority society

I am looking for therapists from a Humanistic modality, of South Asian heritage, and working with white clients. You would need to be in personal therapy or with access to a clinical supervisor. I will offer a debrief session to support you to process anything that may have emerged during the interview.


What’s in a Story? A Narrative Inquiry into Women’s Experiences of Postnatal Psychological Distress

I am looking for women who have experienced postnatal distress to take part in my counselling psychology doctoral research study. This research aims to explore the stories that women tell about their experiences of early motherhood in the context of postnatal psychological distress, specifically when this distress resulted in a diagnosis of postpartum psychosis. Your participation in this study would involve attending two successive interviews, lasting approximately one hour each. 

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