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PCE-CfD CPD Workshops

To be able to book on to these workshops you must have completed Part 1 of the PCE-CfD Practitioner training.

Do not apply if you have not attained the above.



Workshop Title

Booking Link

Thursday 23rd March 2023

Glen Grace-Bloomfield and Michael Mulkerrin

Working with Configurations of Self

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Monday 3rd April 2023

Cathy Cox and Lorraine Munro

Clearing a space for supervisors

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Friday 19th May 2023

Kieran McCrystal

Working with the impasse

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Thursday 25th May 2023

Geraldine Thomson and Sarah Boles

Therapist Self-Care

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Thursday 29th June 2023

Michael Mulkerrin and Kim Murray

Working with emotions

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Thursday 6th July 2023

Geraldine Thomson

Theory into Practice

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Friday 15th September 2023

Carin Shine and Sarah Boles

Working creatively

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All workshops cost £85 each and will take place ONLINE via the Zoom video conferencing software.


Thursday 23rd March 2023 (10:00-17:00) – Working with Configurations of Self with Glen Grace-Bloomfield and Michael Mulkerrin

If you are in two minds over whether to sign up for this workshop, you are experiencing ‘configurations of self.’

In the workshop we will focus on how to bring our client’s awareness to these internal conflicts. We will learn how to help them differentiate the different aspects of self. How to facilitate them in giving voice to these conflicted parts.

Often these are relatively benign and superficial differences: “I want to apply for that new job, but I don’t want to risk being turned down”.  However, they often harbour more fundamental splits in our experience of ourselves: “I’m deeply unhappy in my current job but it’s pointless trying to do anything about it because I am basically useless.”

We all have aspects of ourselves that we are not comfortable with, that we choose to minimise, ignore, deny and hide away. When we do this with a part of ourselves, we are denying it the chance to grow and develop along with the rest of our being.


Monday 3rd April 2023 (10:00-17:00) – Clearing a space for supervisors with Cathy Cox and Lorraine Munro

This day will provide an opportunity for Supervisors to explore how they experience their role as a supervisor ,i.e what is rewarding and challenging, and what needs arise from working in this capacity with other counsellors. Activities will include feeling our way into our experiences, tuning into our needs and thinking creatively about how we might respond in order to address our needs in ways that enhance us personally and professionally.


Friday 19th May 2023 (10:00-17:00) – Working with the impasse / stuck process with Kieran McCrystal

This workshop focusses on what we might mean by ‘stuckness’ in the counselling process and explores PCE theory and responses relevant to this when it occurs in the therapy.


Thursday 25th May 2023 (10:00-17:00) – The Nature and Quality of my Professional Self Care with Geraldine Thomson and Sarah Boles

This CPD training for PCE-CFD practitioners will provide an opportunity for participants to focus on the nature and quality of their professional self-care.

Themes that will be addressed and explored are:

  •  Rogers on the importance of belonging and feeling valued within a group – particularly how this impacts relationships and working in groups/teams
  •  Being autonomous and true to oneself at work
  •  One’s professional self-concept and configurations within that
  •  One’s ideal professional self-concept
  •  Fuller-functioning at work and ‘living the good working life’

While there will be reference to Rogerian and more contemporary person-centred thinking, the day will be largely experiential in nature.


Thursday 29th June 2023 (10:00-17:00) – Working with Emotions with Michael Mulkerrin and Kim Murray

We will begin with a little theory to place emotions in context and understand the rationale behind moving beyond the purely rational.

Then we will explore ideas about how we move towards emotional experience, poignancy and affect. How do we help somebody to turn and face the rich and colourful tapestry of emotions that underpin their existence? What do we do to avoid distancing and encourage immediacy? What strategies will enable us to stay alongside a person as they get a real felt sense of their emotions.

Finally, we will roll up our sleeves and get to grips with emotion focused practice. There will be live demonstrations and triad work to explore the ideas and techniques discussed.

There will be the opportunity to familiarise yourself with ways to guide a person towards experiential specificity, to help them to reach down and touch their emotions, to hold them in a safe empathic space as together we explore fundamental emotional experiences.


Thursday 6th July 2023 (10:00-17:00) – Theory into practice with Geraldine Thomson

Participants will be invited to revisit core PCE-CfD ideas, and to reflect on how effectively they are using these ideas to support and develop their PCE-CfD practice: both 'in action' and later 'on action' in their supervision and note keeping. 

While there will certainly be input and reference to relevant philosophy and theory, the learning style for the day will be collaborative and experiential in nature. Essentially, plenty of small group and pairs work to really dig into the ideas we can use to make better sense of practice.

Intellectual confusion and any doubts about the thinking that informs the PCE-CfD modality will be warmly welcomed and hopefully lead to greater understanding and more confidence in practice!


Friday 15th September 2023 (10:00-17:00) – Working Creatively Within the PCE-CfD Approach with Carin Shine and and Sarah Boles

This CPD workshop is designed to explore how the use of creative materials and working in metaphor can offer an additional way for clients to express themselves, potentially enabling a deeper level of understanding and self-awareness.  Using creative materials is another form of communication with clients and can offer an opportunity for them to tell their 'story' in a less inhibited or non-verbal way.

This will be an experiential workshop with an opportunity to use some of the online therapeutic creative materials that currently exist and also explore your own ideas and materials.  We will also consider your own personal responses to the creative materials and your willingness or barriers to engaging with them.

We will consider how the concept of working creatively with clients can be held within the PCE-CfD approach.


To apply for these, please click on the relevant link in the above table.

Each workshop is £85.