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MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes

What our students say

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Testimonial by: Deborah Warne,

I experienced the MSc in CWTP course to be unique, holding together the realms of creativity within a thoroughly disciplined academic context. For someone who contends with dyspraxia, the structure of the course felt manageable, and the tutors were always empathetic to my struggles to organise my work. During the year of writing my dissertation, I was strongly supported by my Research Adviser and the team. Studying for an MSc in CWTP has enriched my own creativity. It has certainly nurtured my self-confidence, and as I enter into new meaningful work, there seems to be no limits on where creative writing can find a therapeutic purpose.


Testimonial by: Aline Giordano

The MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes was highly enjoyable – practical and experiential. I was able to bring my lived-experience to the fore of the learning, with my tutor supporting me all along my creative and academic journey. The affective dimension of the learning cannot be understated. It is a vital and exciting part of that encounter with yourself. I absolutely loved it!

Testimonial by:Emma Decent

As someone who has always found writing a deeply supportive personal practice (and observed this in others as a facilitator of groups), doing the Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes Masters at Metanoia was an important step in contextualising and deepening my understanding of this. The course was rigorous, well-taught and richly resourced from a diverse range of literature from psychology, the arts and other fields. A transformative 3 years for me, challenging and growthful both personally and intellectually, helping me take my work forward as a writer, performer and facilitator, and boosting my confidence and sense of professionalism.


Testimonial by: Thom Seddon

Working with likeminded, caring individuals with the same common goals can truly bring about huge breakthroughs, and the students and tutors at Metanoia enabled me to reclaim without doubt my identity as a writer. Through expressive writing exercises, I realised I needn’t be so savagely critical of my work (as I had to be on my previous Masters in Creative Writing!) and I broke the habit of writing with such a commercial focus. I found a new level of freedom in my art and within myself, as well as the joy of sharing with others in a safe space. My self-made creative boundaries were pushed aside through CWTP, and since then I’ve been able to use writing as a meditative medium, and a way of conversing with myself.

Once completing the course I’ve been able to apply the skills and techniques learnt to help co-facilitate a project called Write Minds for individuals with experience of self-harm, suicide, and similar difficulties, promoting self-expression through creative writing and the arts. Going forward, I intend to start a series of workshops further exploring the use of CWPT in the LGBTQ+ community, which early on became my area of interest and subsequent dissertation topic.

The course opened my eyes to many unconsidered aspects of myself as an individual, and where I fit in with others.

The lessons were invaluable, and I still continue to learn with each exercise, and with every reflection.


Testimonial by: Jasimi Kiran Bangerh


Metanoia's MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes has boosted my career, my relationships and my understanding of 'self' beyond imagination. Since leaving the course, I have used therapeutic creative writing with At Risk and Hard to Reach communities across mental health, homeless and probation services to develop voice, facilitate emotional expression and promote positive mental health and wellbeing. I have also since become a published poet and academic writer. All of this was a pipe-dream before I started the MSc. The learning generated through the course has given me full confidence to apply for CWTP-related jobs, artist calls and call outs for papers in academic and creative publishing channels. 
I currently work as a Creative Writing Workshop Facilitator for Inspiring Futures For All, an offender arts programme run by Worcestershire Arts Partnership and Warwickshire and West Mercia Community rehabilitation Company. Here, I apply my research findings in practice: I recently delivered ten therapeutic creative writing sessions underpinned by the 12 stages of The Hero’s Quest narrative structure, a concept I discovered whilst studying with Metanoia. 
Though its MSc course offers an enlightening and engaging introduction to therapeutic writing and related disciplines, the practical support I received as a student requires a special mention. I encountered significant personal challenges but through the flexibility and understanding of Claire Williamson (Programme Leader) and my tutors, I have always felt empowered to manage my commitments as well as feeling fully 'supported' through any issues affecting my studies. 
In short, the MSc has been the best decision I have ever made and I would strongly recommend it to anyone. It has been instrumental in my leading a full life that is richer-than-ever with possibilities and opportunities. 


Testimonial by: Lizzie Dunford



I chose this course because of a serendipitous search engine: I typed in my main interests – creative writing, therapy, mental health – and this MSc course popped up on my screen. It was one of the luckiest chances of my life. I have learned is much – about writing and well-being – and myself. The course is well-structured and rooted in experiential learning as well as independent reading; being part of a small, supportive peer group has been hugely enjoyable and the tutors are brilliant, knowledgeable, very approachable and fascinating.

I came to the course from an English teaching background and it has been interesting and illuminating to meet others from very different fields and to learn from them.

I have managed to combine this course with full-time teaching, mainly because of the superb support of the tutors and my peers because the work has been so interesting.

The course has given me the confidence to begin a pilot scheme of CWTP in the secondary school where I teach.


Testimonial by: Caleb Parkin 



The A-Z of our CWTP Year

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Testimonial by: Rebecca Loncraine

Testimonial and Poem

The course has transformed my relationship with writing, helping me to integrate all the different kinds of creative writing I do. I've so enjoyed exploring the different aspects of therapeutic writing with a great balance between experiential practice in my own writing and exploring the theories behind it. This course has enabled me to take my own writing and creativity, and work with others, in new and exciting directions. It's been an emotionally and intellectually nourishing experience. 

Acrostic on “Therapeutic”:

Take our Hearts and Extract it's Rare and lovely juices, Appreciate your own Power and that of others,

Enter and explore the Underneath places and things That once hurt you but now, through Inking your way forward

Create new pathways, options and greater freedom.


Testimonial by: Andi Micheal


Studying on the MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes has enhanced my life and work in a variety of ways. I come from a writing background, and have facilitated writing groups before, but now I know how much goes into using the right techniques to present writing as therapeutic. It's lead me on a personal journey, through my own areas of interest, so that I can use writing to help different people. It's made me excited about the future of writing, as well as connecting me with amazing and inspirational lecturers, and wonderfully varied colleagues, who all have their own areas of interest too. This field is huge and alive, but there's still room for fresh and new ideas.


Testimonial by: Jan Giddy


Which voice will I listen to?

It is a big expense, can I afford it? Yes, but should I?

Will I be able to manage the course? I don’t know!

Will I enjoy the course? Another, I don’t know!

And what if? This was the kind of internal dialogue I experienced before I made the decision to go for it ……..

The course has been a fantastic experience for me and an opportunity to explore and reflect in a way that is difficult to describe in just a few words.

‘Brilliant tutors, excellent course content. I would not have missed it for the world!


Testimonial by: Nick Kary




When I decided to join the CWTP course at the Metanoia Institute I had 3 objectives. To develop my understanding of myself in relation to my desire to write. To develop my writing through feedback and practise opportunities. And to learn the specifics regarding how writing can be used therapeutically. Having spent a lifetime unconsciously using writing as a prop, I looked forward to developing my understanding of what I’d been doing and how it may benefit others.

The course delivered on each of these objectives. Through a really brilliantly structured and held programme, I was able to explore the field while always feeling entirely safely held. The dynamics of the group emerged as one of the major unexpected outcomes of the course. Through reflective practise and the untiring energy of the tutors all aspects of group work came to majorly enhance my personal process and understanding. 

Visiting speakers brought in to deliver broader insights also added exciting elements to the main structure. I particularly enjoyed the contribution of Beverly Costa regarding the languages we may use to express different aspects of our emotional language.

As a man I also benefitted hugely from being in a mixed environment where the diversity of viewpoint and experience contributed massively to my broader understanding of the field and of myself.

I left the course 2 years ago and am still invigorated by my memories of it and the leaning that came through it. Though having an academic imperative it is predominately what one wishes for it to be. My own interests served to create an outcome that was beyond what I could have imagined and still serves as great inspiration for all my endeavours, whether from a writing or therapeutic perspective.