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Metanoia's Counselling and Psychotherapy Service

Head of Clinical and Research Services: Dr Biljana van Rijn

In recent years, counselling and psychotherapy have been increasingly recognised as effective in managing the problems of modern life. We live in times of rapid and sometimes unexpected changes, which can cause stresses and may be very hard to cope with. Counselling and psychotherapy offer a safe place to find ways of dealing with these issues, as well as other emotional difficulties such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems and other concerns.

Metanoia Institute is o­ne of the largest counselling and psychotherapy training organisations in Britain. We provide a high standard of training in different approaches to counselling and psychotherapy and all our training is accredited. As a registered charity, we provide low cost counselling and psychotherapy at our two sites in Ealing, within a 10 minute walk of one another. At Metanoia Counselling and Psychotherapy Service (MCPS), you can have up to six months of sessions with our practitioners in training. All practitioners are in clinical supervision, and the service is evaluated on an ongoing basis. Following an initial assessment, appointments are offered Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 9.30pm and are 50 minutes long. The sessional fee of £25 can be further reduced according to your circumstances and the time of the appointment, to a minimum of £5 per session.

If you would prefer to have longer term therapy and work with a psychotherapist or a counsellor in private practice, in your own area, you can use our Online Directory of Therapists. Therapists in this directory are members of the Metanoia Institute who work in private practice. To access this information you need to follow the link to the Online Directory of Therapists to access the online search for a therapist.

If you would like more information or to arrange an appointment please contact the main line on 020 8579 2505 or please email Ciara Wild, the Clinic and Research Services Coordinator, or call her in confidence on 020 8832 3080 (direct line).


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