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This area of our website contains information that is available to all visitors to our website. Information that is available only to Metanoia Members is contained in the Secure Members' Area.

All users can see:

  • Membership categories and criteria for membership including insurance requirements
  • Codes of Ethics and Professional Practice
  • Middlesex Student Union information.

If you wish to access information in the Secure Members' Area you need to be a Metanoia member and to have registered to use it. If you are a member but are yet to register, you can do so by going to the Sign-in page.

If you have any queries about Membership categories or criteria please email Clare Pudney or call her on +44 (0)20 8579 2505.

Click the link on the list to the left to proceed to the Members Area.

Membership Categories and Fees

Conditions of Membership

Application Procedures and Forms

Insurance Providers



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