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Our approach to compliance with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and a description of the structure of our site.

Authoring Guidelines

In producing this site, all content authors have followed the following accessibility guidelines:

We have checked our site against the WCAG checklist, and we believe that every page within our site meets all applicable Priority 1, 2 and 3 checkpoints, and as such, meets the WAI 'AAA' requirements.


Viewing Options

Metanoia offers multiple views on the content in this site. All content is available in all views. Vistors are free to choose which view is best suited to their individual requirements. Scaleable fonts are used in all versions of the site.

The Accessible view is optimised for screen-reading software. This version takes up the maximum width of the browser and is also the best choice if significant font scaling is required. The Accessible view is available with or without images, and with a black or white background as required.

The "Viewing Options" link (Access Key: v) is located at the top of every page.


The main sections of our site are always available using the Navigation tabs at the top of each page, or the equivalent section at the bottom of Accessible pages. Our home page can always be accessed using the first tab,

In the Standard view, within each page (except Home Page, Search Results and Site Map) a link to the current main section, and all content within that section, is located immediately beneath the Cubik Logo. Further sub-sections are used to order content logically. When you are viewing a page within a sub-section, links to other content within that sub-section are also displayed.

Between the main section tabs and the heading of the page (except Home Page, Search Results and Site Map) a breadcrumb trail displays the location of the current page within the structure of the site. This correlates with the location of the page within the Site Map structure.

In the Accessible View, the Navigation components described above are located at the foot of the page so that content is processed immediately by screen-reading or other software that interprets or processes the content. In this version of the site, navigation markup is clearly defined within HTML FIELDSET containers.

Access Keys

Where relevant, the UK Government Access Key standards have been applied. The Access Keys implemented on this site to the UK Government standards are as follows:

  • s: Skip navigation
  • 1: Home page
  • 3: Site map
  • 4: Search
  • 8: Terms of use
  • 9: Feedback form
  • 0: Accessibility Statement

Other Access Keys in use on this site are:

  • v: Viewing Options


If you have a comment or a suggestion about how we can improve accessibility for our own site and for those of our customers, please let us know. Use our "Send us a comment" facility (Access Key 9), or our Contact page.

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