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At Metanoia Institute we embrace research endeavours from different perspectives with a view to supporting exciting inquiry in a number of different contexts. While we debate many different forms of inquiry we emphasise a relational approach to research that seeks to mitigate an overly objectivist attitude that can fragment the individual from the contextual experience. Our overall intent is to promote research that arises from practice based settings and that addresses the philosophical issues derived from such an approach as well as the needs of a pragmatic response.

In each of the sections below we provide a brief overview on projects in different departments within the Metanoia Institute and provide links to further more detailed information. Click on each link to read more information on each project:

Pluralistic therapy for depression: Acceptability, outcomes and helpful aspects in a multisite study (Counselling Psychology Review, 30(1), 6-20. Cooper, M., Wild, C., Rijn, B. v., Ward, T., McLeod, J., Cassar, S., Sreenath, S. (2015).

Metanoia announced as research partner for avatar based therapy

Pro Real Based Therapy within a Prison Setting - Biljana van Rijn

Metanoia Clinical and Research Service (MCRS)

Post-Qualification Research

Counselling Psychology and Integrative Psychotherapy Research

Person-Centred Research

Transactional Analysis Department Research

Gestalt Psychotherapy Research

MSc Coaching Psychology/MA Psychological Coaching Research


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